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Ani❤Camden Project

 LSU Catholic School Presented With Ani Camden Life Saving Defibrillator

 La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School in Camden were the grateful recipients of their donated  Ani ♥ Camden defibrillator that will ensure their students and staff can remain ‘heart safe’ from now on. In a very moving presentation event, Ms Kitkat (Headteacher of Camden School for Girls) explained why their school has supported this fund raising campaign and the importance of students knowing how to use the defibrillator. Ms Kitkat introduced Rosh Keegan whose daughter Ani, at the age of just 14, sadly died as a result of a sudden Cardiac Arrest whilst she was at school. Mrs Keegan shared a very passionate and personal story with the audience of 6th Form and Year 7 Students, many of whom had already attended a British Heart Foundation training course and are now certified to provide lifesaving First Aid treatment in the event of an emergency. Mrs Williams, (Headteacher of La Sainte Union) graciously accepted the defibrillator and praised Mrs Keegan for her strength and courage in both recounting her personal story and in having the resolve to champion the fund raising activities that have so far raised £26,000 to provide lifesaving defibrillators to schools in Camden and across London. Mrs Williams assured Mrs Keegan that her daughter's legacy will live on as the students of La Sainte Union will now undertake the planning to fundraise the necessary £1000 to be able to pass another lifesaving defibrillator to another school as part of their commitment to support this ‘pass it on’ charitable endeavour.

 At only £1000 each, these defibrillators also come with the necessary training for both staff and students on how to use the equipment safely. We would encourage everyone to become more involved with the Ani ♥ Camden fundraising project and make themselves more aware of how they can contribute to providing lifesaving emergency treatment facilities and be ‘heart safe’ just by ensuring they have a defibrillator available in their school.

 Mrs Williams presented with defibrillator