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La Sainte Union Catholic School

Careers at LSU

Careers at LSU



Details around the careers program at LSU will be updated shortly.

In the meantime you can access a copy of the LSU Careers Policy here and the Policy Statement on Provider Access here. A copy of LSU's Career Plan can be found here.

To view our Quality in Careers Standard, please click here.

To speak with the Careers Department please contact

Mrs Hilary Tait, Head of Careers, nominated Careers Leader
Tel: 020 7428 4600, ext.553

Employers and Providers

 Here at La Sainte Union we take our commitment to providing the 'one meaningful employer encounter per year, per year group' as required by the Statutory Guidance 2018 very seriously. Our only question is, why stop at one? Employers, we welcome you and we thank you for coming forward to help us in our mission to create excellent opportunities for all our young people. There are multiple ways in which you can contribute, which you can view in our Provider Access Statement.

Providers of FE, HE and apprenticeships, as you will see in our Provider Access Statement, our commitment to publicising different post-16 and post-18 pathways to suit the individual needs of our pupils and students is very real. If you are not already one of our valued partners, please get in touch!

We have also put together some booklets to answer some frequently asked questions, and to give you information in order to get the most out of your visit.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to La Sainte Union!

Safeguarding at LSU Information Leaflet for Visitors

Information for Parents and Carers

Year 11

Year 11 Careers Programme

Understanding post 16 qualifications (pupils)

Understanding T Levels

Post 16 Options Grid



Weekly Careers Bulletin for Sixth Form

14th September 2020