La Sainte Union Catholic School

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La Sainte Union School
Mission Statement

At La Sainte Union Catholic School, our mission is to create a flourishing community inspired by the life and teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Rooted in Christian principles, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and compassionate environment that promotes the flourishing of all its members. We acknowledge that our connections with one another are deemed "sacred" through the principles of:

  • Service,
  • Academia,
  • Cooperation,
  • Respect,
  • Excellence,
  • and Dignity 

Our commitment spans three key dimensions: Pupils, Staff, and Community.

Flourishing pupils

We are committed to nurturing a caring and secure environment where every student can unlock and actualise their distinctive potential. Our focus extends beyond individual success, emphasising the cultivation of excellence, character strength, and a genuine concern for others. We strive for a holistic education, shaping individuals academically, socially, spiritually, and morally. Our curriculum, anchored in Christian principles, responds to the diverse needs and aspirations of our students. In doing so, we actively support the empowerment of young people to shape the future, enhance social mobility, and contribute to more participative, engaged, and harmonious societies that value collective well-being. Our aim is to instil a social and moral consciousness among our students, inspiring them to be active contributors to positive societal transformation.

Flourishing staff

Aligned with the vision of our founder, Jean Baptiste Debrabant, our dedicated staff members play a crucial role as guardians and cultivators of Christian-based education. In preparing our students for the complexities of adult life, we contribute to their evolutionary growth, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and worldviews essential for navigating the intricacies of a complex world alongside others. We serve as facilitators in the transmission of cultural heritage from one generation to the next, striving for excellence in enabling the compassionate deconstruction of past paradigms to meet the emergent needs of the future.

Flourishing community

Embedded within the Catholic community, we actively engage in fostering a culture where active cooperation, modelling inclusion and respect for others, expressing care and compassion, striving for the best outcomes for all, and fostering creativity and innovation in others are deemed essential. A harmonious partnership between School Governors, staff, pupils, parents, parish, and the broader community further reinforces our mission. As a community, we strive to imbue our students with a profound sense of purpose, guiding them to flourish and thrive in society.


The Mission Statement was revised and adopted by the Governors on 29th January 2024.