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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Introduction to Pathways

At Key Stage 4 you will continue to strengthen your ability to learn well. You will need to become even more resilient and resourceful when dealing with the exciting challenges of learning. Building on your achievements at Key Stage 3, the next two years of your journey will help you to become more independent in your ways of working and at the same time develop your ability to work collaboratively and contribute to our learning community. 

At LSU we have four pathways through Key Stage 4. Each pathway has a set of core subjects, these are subjects that are compulsory for all pupils, and a group of non-core subjects, these are subjects that pupils choose to follow throughout KS4. The core offer subjects remain the same on each pathway. The non-core offer changes with each pathway, some subjects are an integral part of the pathway and others can be selected for study in Key Stage 4. Different pathways have different subject combinations or different levels of choice, all pathways ensure a broad and balanced curriculum with the success of the individual at the heart of the pathway offer.

There is an opportunity for pupils with a special aptitude in Mathematics to study Additional Mathematics GCSE. Alongside the core and non-core examination subjects that make up your pathway all pupils will continue with non-examined courses in PSHE and PE. At Key stage 4 PSHE will cover topics including Careers, Relationships and sex education, Emotional wellbeing and mental health and Healthy lifestyles.

 Pupils are recommended a specific pathway, determined by analysis of prior attainment, CAT scores, in school summative assessment and in consultation with subject teachers and pastoral staff. Theses pathways give every pupil the opportunity to be successful in gaining at least 8 qualifications at Level 2 and provides a clear progression route to further study in Y12.

The Core Subjects:


  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science (Combined or Separate)                                                               
  • RE

The Non-Core Subjects:


Health & Social Care


  • Art & Design, Business, Computer Science
  • Design & Technology: Product Design, Drama, French
  • Geography, History, Music, PE, Spanish


After Year 11 there are different pathways for further study that will be available to you, these depend on the number and type of qualifications and the grades you achieve at the end of Year 11. It is important to know what the entry requirements are for different courses in Year 12. You can find out more by visiting the LaSWAP website.

Pathways and curriculum booklets