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"The school's values of tolerance, respect and compassion permeate throughout the curriculum."

Ofsted 2016

"Pupils thrive academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally."

Ofsted 2016

"Staff and the pupils are rightfully proud of the beautiful and large school site."

Ofsted 2016

"Both pupils and their teachers have high aspirations for their achievements, both culturally and academically."

Ofsted 2016

Parent Pay Alert:

For parents or students facing issues with any of the following services related to our cashless catering which we provide in school:

ParentPay - login issues, topping up their account etc.

Biometrics - fingerprint scanning, problems at the till.

Parents or students who require assistance are invited to address their queries to the IT department. 


Alternatively, parents can email: with the following details:

Daughter's full name


Issue/problem they are facing

Contact number for parent


School Meals

Harrison Catering provides a catering service before school, between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m., at break-time and at lunch-time. The company use fresh ingredients in all their menus and seek to provide a healthy selection of food to meet a wide variety of preferences and to reflect the diverse ethnic community at La Sainte Union.  Once you are registered with Parent Pay (see below) you will be able to see what your daughter eats at school. Individual items are shown for food purchased at breakfast and breaktime and ‘main meal’ will register if she purchases a lunch.

Here is one of the breakfast menus we have on offer:

Click here to view the breakfast and breaktime menu choices on offer.

Please click here to view Harrison's lunchtime Catering Menu. These change on a weekly basis, with 3 different menu options.


Our Student Catering Committee meets four times a term with Harrison Catering. The Committee consults widely with other students and provides the views of students to Harrison Catering. If you have any comments please contact Ms H. Taylor, Assistant Headteacher, by telephoning the school or e-mailing .


To visit the Harrisons website, please visit the following website:


Payment for Meals


The school has updated its advice to parents who are using the cashless payment system ParentPay regarding topping up the cashless catering account or paying for school trips.

As of September 2016, the minimum amount you can pay into your ParentPay account each time you top-up is £12.00. The minimum amount of available credit balance allowed on the ParentPay system is £10.00. You must maintain a positive in credit balance. This means you are encouraged to credit the account with as many weeks payments as you can. Pupils are prevented from overspending with a daily limit of £4.00.

Pupils who are entitled to free school meals will have their allowance entered into the system automatically by the school.  The free school meal allowance is only permitted to be used for a two-course lunch.  If your daughter wishes to buy items for breakfast, break or lunch that are not part of the two-course meal (such as fruit juice), then she can only do so if there is additional money provided by parents for these options.

There is no ‘overdraft facility’ on this payment system which means if a student arrives at the tills without the necessary funds to pay for their food choices they will not be allowed to take the food.

Please click on the link here for information regarding your Parent pay account. If you have any problems in relation to payments please contact Parent Pay via their website initially ( If you continue to have problems, please email Mr H. Rajgor at or telephone the school (0207 428 4600).


Free School Meals

Pupils who are eligible for free school meals are registered in the same way as other pupils' and payments are made directly into your daughter's account. To apply for free school meals, simply contact Camden Local Authority by visiting the following page on their website - Camden Free School Meals 

In order to complete your application, you will need your National Insurance Number.

If your daughter has any difficulty obtaining her free school meals after you have registered, please contact Mrs J. Montague at

Parents/carers of pupils who receive free school meals can also set up a Parent Pay / Pay Point account if they would like their daughter to be able to purchase additional items. If you have any problems in relation to these payments please contact Parent Pay via their website initially ( If you continue to have problems, please email or telephone the school.


Biometric Permission

If you have not returned the biometric permission letter dated 7th March, could you please download the letter below, sign and return it back to the school as soon as possible. The letter must be returned regardless of whether or not your daughter uses the canteen.

Biometric Letter


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