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"The school's values of tolerance, respect and compassion permeate throughout the curriculum."

Ofsted 2016

"Pupils thrive academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally."

Ofsted 2016

"Staff and the pupils are rightfully proud of the beautiful and large school site."

Ofsted 2016

"Both pupils and their teachers have high aspirations for their achievements, both culturally and academically."

Ofsted 2016

Diocese Section 48 Report 2011

La Sainte Union Catholic School lies within the Diocese of Westminster alongside 200 other Catholic schools.

The Diocesan Education Commission and Education Service provide professional support and guidance for Catholic schools and colleges and carry out reports on the standards and practise of its schools.

For information on the Diocesan Statutes of the Education Commission, click here.

For La Sainte Union School's most recent Dicesan Section 48 Inspection Report, click here.

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