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"The school's values of tolerance, respect and compassion permeate throughout the curriculum."

Ofsted 2016

"Pupils thrive academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally."

Ofsted 2016

"Staff and the pupils are rightfully proud of the beautiful and large school site."

Ofsted 2016

"Both pupils and their teachers have high aspirations for their achievements, both culturally and academically."

Ofsted 2016

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Keeping Safe Using Technology

At La Sainte Union we have a range of systems and resources in place to help keep the users and school system safe and secure.



To help educate pupils on keeping safe and using technology appropriately we have introduced an Acceptable Use Policy for all members of the school using our computer systems.   

Please click here to download a copy

The school organises regular assemblies and lessons in ICT and PSHE to keep pupils aware of current issues with technology


Educating Parents and Carers

Parents are often concerned about the changing pace of the technology that their children use. 

At La Sainte Union we aim to educate parents on E-safety issues as well and hold sessions for parents. Please check the School Newsletter for details.  We have also produced the following help sheets for parents: 

There are also many helpful websites designed to give guidance to parents: : this website, from CEOP is highly recommended to parents to explain about grooming, mobiles, gaming, social networking and ‘chat’.  There is good guidance on how to report problems on the internet using the CEOP report abuse button. : this website from ChildNet, contains mainly video information on current e-safety issues and a 'text only' version is available with translations in Arabic, Bengali, Gujarati, Mandarin, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and British Sign Language. : take an E-safety quiz.


E-Safety November 2016 

Click here to read further information regarding social media and WhatsApp.


E-Safety Newsletter

November 2013


Facebook Privacy Settings

Click here to see suggested settings.


Presentation to Parents on 7th March 2013

Adele O’Hanlon, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist from Tavistock Clinic, addressed over thirty parents on 7th March about the developmental stages of adolescence and the challenges which young people face within the context of today's society. Please see the powerpoint slides of her talk below:

Adolescence and its Challenges for Parents

Mr Paul Schalker, LSU's E Safety Officer also talked about some of the risks of social media, particularly the risks of young people imitating risky behaviour on YouTube. He encouraged parents to talk about social media with their children and ensure they use the safest security settings. Please see Ms Schalker's powerpoint slides below:

E Safety Event for Parents 7th March 2013.


Please click here to view our E-Safety Policy. 

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